Action Research Question

Toward a School Community:

Creating a Cohesive Community with Families and Students of Minority Backgrounds


Getting parents involved in a child’s education has long been recognized as an imperative for the success of a student. But what if those parents can’t speak English? What if they have had negative experiences with education, and thus have problems trusting the school environment in which they participate? Often, this lack of connection means that the students feel apathetic towards their education, which in turn lowers their ability to successfully complete their coursework. A teacher who can effectively create a community in the classroom and effectively connect parents with the school system will help ensure that their students are successful in their classroom.


My research proposal has two primary questions:

  1. How can a teacher connect with and enlist the help of the families of both voluntary and involuntary immigrants?
  2. How can a teacher create an inclusive classroom environment that supports and respects a student’s culture?


There are several reasons why I wish to research this topic. First and foremost, the areas of classroom management and parent communication were listed as primary areas in which I could improve during my last evaluation. I wish to find strategies I can implement in my classroom this year to help improve my relationships with families and their students. Second, my school is mostly made up of immigrant families, many of them whose perspective would match that of involuntary immigrants. I see it as an imperative that I research these questions so that I can better support my school’s very diverse population. And lastly, it was discovered during our last student survey that most of our students do not feel that their classmates are usually respectful to them. Many reported that their classmates were “sometimes” respectful and inclusive. I wish to see if we can find strategies that will help eliminate this problem on our campus. This research is therefore important not just for my classroom, but also for my school as a whole.


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